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Tasha's Journey

Tasha will be my first client as I graduate my Working Dog Trainer Certification. Tasha's Guardian, Jo, has been a good friend of mine whom I met through dog training. Tasha is Jo's second German Shepherd and she bought her as a Protection prospect. Although, Tasha is not the first protection dog I have trained, she will be the first in my professional career.

Tasha comes from working lines in Germany and has the drive we look for in Protection dogs and although we have a long road ahead of us, building on those drive is the first step towards future validation. Tasha is 4 months old and just starting on the tug. She excelled at flirt pole and we will now wok on what we call grip development. What we hope to achieve is a nice deep, full bite as the majority of a dogs jaw strength comes from the back of the jaw. What we want is a dog that can hold a "bad guy" rather than cause tearing injuries.

Feel free to follow Tasha's journey, and a few others as I build my client base and help dogs find a job and reach their full potential.

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