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Day Training

Day Training

Guardian K9 Day Training is the solution to the challenges dog owners face in balancing career demands and personal life while still prioritizing their furry companions' training needs. Think of it as a step above the traditional Doggy Daycare.


This program offers a happy medium between traditional board and train services and one-on-one private sessions. They are designed specifically for individuals navigating hectic schedules, feeling overwhelmed by training responsibilities, or seeking professional assistance for more complex behavioural modification.


During the program, your dog attends training sessions at least twice a week, while you focus on your work commitments. When you pick up your pup at the end of the day, you can be assured that they've not only received training but have also had their physical exercise and enrichment needs met. I provide a daily report card to aid you in reinforcing the learned behaviours.


Each program includes ongoing coaching support via text, email, or video submissions for feedback. Additionally, I offer discounted in-home follow-up sessions to ensure a holistic approach to your dog's development.


These programs are customized to your goals to ensure you and your dog are set up for success.

Investment is $95 per day*
*Your dog must be crate trained so that they can relax between sessions.

*Day training has limited space available as dogs are in the home with us for the day.

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