What our clients have to say...


"Tamara was amazing in helping us find our newest furry family member.  We knew we wanted a pet but we weren’t sure about making the commitment to a dog.  We are a busy family and have an even busier two-year-old daughter to care for.  We knew if we were to add a high maintenance dog to the mix, it wouldn’t be a good fit for us. 


Tamara helped us to figure out what we were able to commit to and found us the perfect dog, Lily, a French Bulldog to adopt.  Tamara found a dog that was the best match for  our family, our energy level, and our daily activities.  She was great in explaining different dog behaviours to watch for and how to manage them.  She met with Lily ahead of time to ensure that she was a fit for us and let us know the commands Lily was familiar with.  Tamara also taught Lily a knew command so that she would not rush in for food my daughter dropped on the ground from her highchair.  She gave us very helpful tips on successfully  introducing Lily to our two year old daughter. 


We have now had Lily for a few weeks and we couldn’t imagine our family without her.  Thank you so much Tamara for all that you did to ensure that Lily was the perfect fit for us and that she made her way to  our family."


~ Jackie, Mike, and Clementine

"I just want to say thank you again to Tamara for all her of dog knowledge she has helped me with.


Being a first time dog owner, I was so nervous about getting a puppy and taking on this huge responsibility. There is so much to worry about and think about when raising a puppy, it truly is like raising a baby. Tamara has helped me since day 1, even before I picked up my puppy.


I call her Dr Tamara when I tell my friends about her. Her dog knowledge is greatly appreciated and it's nice to know I have a professional on my side who genuinely cares about myself and my dogs best interest and who I can turn too when I need a second opinion."


~ Ridley's Family