Tamara Whittaker


Tamara has recently certified as a Working Dog Trainer through Good Dog Academy. However, her history with training dogs started over 20 years ago. Tamara has always had a passion for all animals, but her strength is with canines. 


From breeding and showing Bernese Mountain Dogs... to training and handling her validated Patrol/Detection Malinois, Aria. Tamara has done a bit of everything, agility, detection, conformation, film work, and the list goes on. She prides herself on reading dogs and being able to customize a training program accordingly. Every dog is different as far as what they will excel at, and Tamara loves to find that forte and bring it out in the dog.


Tamara has attended many seminars on top of her recent achievement, and continues to broaden her horizon when it comes to new techniques.

Tamara validated K9 Aria in Narcotics Detection in April 2016. They are also starting their journey in PSA (Protection Sports Association) and will be attempting their PDC in July 2016.


Tamara is Dogsafe Canine First Aid Certified and insured by PROfur.