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Virtual Sessions

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Virtual Sessions are a great option if you live out of area or just need a little extra help to get your training on track. We offer videos and handouts to hep you get the most out of online training. 

Some virtual sessions are a single session and some require multiple sessions depending on complexity of the training plan.

Some of the regular virtual sessions we do are:

  • Preparing for baby (Single session)

  • Adopting a new dog/puppy (Single session)

  • Canine Selection (Single session)

  • Canine Enrichment (Single session)

  • Single issue troubleshooting (Multiple Sessions)

  • Basic Obedience (Multiple Sessions)

A lot of training can be done virtually providing you put in the time for training and get your homework done.


Virtual Sessions start at $50


To find out more about our trainers click here!

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