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Private Sessions

Private One on One Training Sessions

There are so many reasons people choose to do one on one sessions. When you choose to invest in a private sessions the training is really customized to you and your dog.

Perhaps you only want to work on a few specific skills?

Or maybe your schedule does not allow for a group class?
Maybe you are struggling with a particular behaviour or starting to see something that concerns you?
Maybe you're ready to move to a higher level of obedience?

Our private one on one coaching sessions are for you!  We offer in home sessions in Chilliwack and the Eastern Fraser Valley. We also, highly recommend adding a virtual consultation prior to training to really get the most out of your session and start some work at home.

Walk & Trains are designed for current clients who have busy schedules and might not be able to get their homework done. We pick your dog up and take them for a walk while training, this is an excellent choice if you're primarily working on leash skills. We offer this service within Chilliwack. 


Private Session Prices: 

General Behaviour and Obedience: $100-$125 an hour

Reactivity and Aggression: $125-$150 an hour

Walk & Train within Chilliwack: $50 

Virtual Session Add-On: $50

*Variance in price depends on travel time and severity of reactivity.


To find out more about our trainers click here!

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